Synthetic Web Slings

Synthetic web slings are made using polyester flat webbing and are the preferred sling when lifting highly-polished, fragile or delicate loads that have to be protected from damage. Nylon webbing is available upon request, but not the standard material used in fabrication.  The soft texture of the webbing will not mar, deface or scratch the loads while the wide surface area ensures a firm secure grip around the load.  It's recommended to use sling protection between the sling and load edges when using web slings.  Sling protection is available in may types, but CornerMax® Pads and CornerMax® Sleeves designed by SlingMax® Rigging Solutions is the best sling protection available.


Slings should be stored in a clean dry place where they are out of direct sunlight and protected from the weather. In addition, slings should be stored away from heat and chemicals that may harden or damage the fibers. Slings should be hung up and not left on the floor or deck. Bishop Lifting offers a custom storage solution for slings and rigging, click here for more information.

Synthetic Web Slings from Bishop Lifting Products

Type I Web Slings

Type II Web Slings

Type III Web Slings - Flat Eyes Each End

Type IV - Eye and Eye Web Sling with Twisted Eyes

Type V - Endless Web Slings

Two, Three, or Four Leg Nylon Web Bridles