Crane & Hoist

Hoist and Crane inspections or testing are performed in accordance with applicable ASME B30, API, OSHA 1910/1926, CMAA 70/74, SNT-TC-1A, current industry standards, and manufacturers recommendations.  A thorough visual examination is critical and required on all hoists and cranes with specific frequencies.  Wire Rope and Hooks on cranes shall be inspected monthly according to ASME B30 standards.

Slings & Loose Lifting Gear

With our origins in sling fabrication and lifting devices, our inspectors have industry leading experience and training.  Slings and loose lifting gear are often overlooked and should be maintained with a regimented inspection program to assure compliance. Proof Testing of slings and loose lifting gear is also very common and recommended. Our portable proof testing equipment lets us come to you and minimizes down time.

Lifting Devices & Heavy Equipment

BLP Services inspects and tests Material Baskets, Personnel Baskets, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts, and other miscellaneous lifting equipment.  ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices defines the inspection, testing, and removal from service criteria.  Our inspectors inspect and proof test lifting devices in accordance with this standard.

Lifting Magnets - Repair & Recertify

There have been recent changes to magnet inspections and testing that everyone needs to be aware of. The ASME B20.20-2018 standard states Lifting Magnets should have an annual Breakaway Test to verify the magnet meets its design factor. To schedule call with our service department, please fill out the form below to be contacted.

BLP Services offers inspection and testing of lifting equipment in accordance with current industry standards and manufacturers recommendations. We specialize in rig pass certification, slings and loose lifting gear, pad eye/lug, bridge crane, jib crane, davit crane, and gantry crane inspections and testing. 

Visual inspections shall always precede any maintenance, repair, testing, or any new device being put into service.  Our inspectors perform thorough written examinations that we call a “link by link” inspection with extreme scrutiny.

Proof Testing is an integral component of an inspection program. Our customers may choose proof test lifting equipment at given intervals, or for verification purposes because of recent repair, recertification, or dormancy.  Our fleet of proof testers, load cells, weights, and rigging equipment enable us to proof test most all types of common lifting equipment.

One unique service we offer Gulf of Mexico customers is the BLP Services “Rigging Gear Registry” program.  The “Rigging Gear Registry” program organizes your lifting assets by location, description, serial number, and condition, and produces an inspection report on paper and in electronic format for your record keeping.  The inspection report also notes the standard on which each piece is inspected in the event the inspection findings need to be verified.  

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