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    Proof Test Services available at all BLP branches
    hoist testing
    Common Items Tested:  
    -Alloy Chain Slings
    -Metal Mesh Slings
    -Lifting Devices – Spreader Bars, Lifting Beams
    -Socket Lines – Raising Lines, Pendant Lines
    -Twin-Path® Extra Covermax Slings
    -Any sling that has been repaired or modified
    -Wire Rope Slings
    -Synthetic Web Slings
    -Rigging Hardware

    Pad Eye Testing

    • Hydraulic Pad Eye Testing
    • Lifting Lugs
    • Hydraulic Trunnion Testing
    • Welded in Fixtures

    Non-Destructive (NDT) Testing

    • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Liquid Dye Penetrant
    • Ultra Sound
    • On-site Services Available

    DNV Testing

    • Witnessed by 3rd party DNV-GL auditor

    Vertical Testing

    • Vertical testing capacity up to 100K lbs.
    • used for testing chain hoists


    Types of Testing Provided:

    • Proof Load
    • Cycle Testing
    • Yield Testing
    • Break Testing
    • Extended Hold Testing
    • Strain Gauge Testing

    Access our online database of test certificates at: www.prooftesting.com.

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