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    Air Volume Tanks

    Vertical/ Horizontal Air Receivers built in accordance with the ASME Section VIII Division I code latest addition. Vessels are "U" stamped and registered with National Board. All units are Engineered and Certified- skid mounted with multiple crowfoot outlets and certified lifting sling.

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    Air After Coolers / Schmidt AirPrep Systems

    Don't let moisture (water) in your air supply rob you of your productivity. Behind insufficient air supply, moisture is the second largest enemy to blasting productivity. "Wet" air causes flash rusting, clogs blast pots with damp abrasives, damages control valves, and reduces productivity. Remember – moisture is a problem in even seemingly dry conditions! Blasting operations that simply add a Schmidt® high volume after-cooler moisture separator have documented increased production of 12 to 15%. 

    Schmidt® AirPrep™ systems are designed and manufactured to help maintain and promote productivity in your blasting system and feature negligible pressure drop. 

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    air-hose-300x222Air Hoses

    • All hose assemblies should be viewed as potential hazards. For Procedures and Best Practices for Air Hoses, click here. This document is designed to inform and educate proper selection and maintenance of hose, couplings, attachment devices for proper air hose safety.

    • It is the end users responsibility to identify the application and any special conditions that the hose assembly must meet before use. Accidents and down time may occur if hose assemblies are not properly selected for the specific application.

    • The performance and safety of the assembly is affected by the quality of the individual components.

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    S.T.A.M.P.E.D. (Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure, Ends) will help in the proper selection of the hose assembly components.

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