Modulift are the premier supplier of  MOD Spreader Beams, CMOD Spreader Frames,  MOD CLS Adjustable Lifting Beams,  TRUN Trunnion Spreader Bars, Subsea Spreader Beams, and other below the hook Lifting Equipment. As specialist Lifting Engineers, they provide Custom Lifting Solutions for the heavy lift applications as well as a standard modular models listed in their catalog.

Modulift prides themselves on being able to offer you a complete lifting engineering service from start to finish. Modulift offers their highest Quality design expertise & engineering to design any beam for any lift. This company is able to help you solve your lifting problems, advise on Lifting Rig planning, design Custom Lifting Equipment or manufacture quality-assured products to the highest specifications.

Modulift spreader bars and frames are available for rental or purchase.

MOD Modulift Modular Spreader Bar

Spreader Bars

Modular Spreader Beams provide the ideal solution for most lifting requirements – versatile and cost-effective, the Modulift range of Spreader Beams has capacity from 2 to 5000t with spans up to 100 metres (330ft). The modular configuration and interchangeable components enable Modulift Spreaders to be reused over many lifts. Designed by our engineering experts and manufactured in our own specialist facilities; the Modulift range are the leading Modular Spreader Beams on the market.

Spreader Beams for up to 400t are in stock and available worldwide for distribution – please contact Modulift for an immediate quote or further details.

Every Modulift Spreader Beam consists of a pair of End Units and a pair of Drop Links, with interchangeable Struts that can be bolted into the assembly between the End Units, to either lengthen or shorten the Beam to suit the requirements of the lift - making them reusable at different spans.

Modulift Components

Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams are the ideal option for a 2-Point lift with height restrictions. Modulift offer a standard range of Lifting Beams up to 50t capacity and up to a 6 metre (20ft) span. These can be either Fixed Lifting Beams or Adjustable Lifting Beams, all designed by our engineering experts and manufactured in our own specialist facilities.

If however you have a larger capacities and/or longer span, we can custom design and build a suitable Lifting Beam solution for you. Please contact Modulift for an immediate quote or to discuss your lifting requirements.