Wire rope lubricants extend the life of running and static wire ropes, even in the harshest conditions.  Fight corrosion with only the best wire rope lubricants. 


VitaLife® Wire Rope Lubricants

wire rope lubricantVitalife® products are the preferred wire rope lubricants in the industry because of their ability to penetrate into wire rope and displace water and contaminants, thus reducing wear and corrosion throughout the rope.

  • Available in a variety of container sizes.

  • Provides inner strand preservation and lubricity.

  • Allows for easy visual inspection of the ropes.

  • Reduces the friction between the strands of the wire rope, thus extending rope life.

  • Adheres to surface of strands, forming an outer film which provides excellent corrosive protection.

  • Non-tacky (will not attract dust)

  • Vitalife® in aerosol form is a regulated dangerous good. See MSDS sheet for shipping instructions.

  • Vitalife® Bio-Lube has been developed especially for environmentally friendly applications.

  • Vitalife® 500 has been developed exclusively for ski lifts and tramways.

  • Vitalife® 600 has been developed exclusively for elevator applications

Grignard® Wire Rope Lubricants

Grignard wire rope lubricantsGrignard has innovative corrosion protection solutions that extend the life of running and static wire ropes, even in the world’s harshest conditions. Their proprietary solutions reduce maintenance costs in the field and help you avoid the cost and business risk associated with unplanned wire rope downtime.

We offer a variety of corrosion protection solutions, including both low-viscosity penetrating oils and high-viscosity greases, to meet a wide range of applications:

  • StranCore Corrosion Inhibitor for EM cable and wire ropes. StranCore utilizes a water/biodegradable glycol base to penetrate into the cable; the water dissipates over time, leaving an unsurpassed corrosionpreventing film.

  • PreLube 6 Preservative Lubricant for a wide range of applications, including control cables, crane ropes, chain, moving cables, small diameter cables, rotary lifts, fire truck ladder lines, and more. PreLube 6 utilizes a non-drying corrosion-preventing thin film.

  • PreLube 19 Preservative Lubricant for field treatment of guy wires, ski lift lines, standing rigging, boom and pendant lines, and marine tow lines. PreLube 19 forms a self-healing film that is dry to the touch. Will not sheen on water.

  • SYNCAN Synthetic Complex Grease for demanding wire rope and open gear applications, including container crane cables, buoy lines, anchor lines, tow lines, and other rapid running wire ropes. SYNCAN utilizes a vegetable base with extreme pressure additives in a grease consistency.

  • PureLube Corrosion Inhibitor—A non-drying, vegetable-based penetrating oil for field applications.

  • GriKo 18458 Grease for protection of wire ropes and exposed gears, in accordance with Mil G 18458. This petrolatum grease is fortified with corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressure additives.

  • GriKote Z Complex 2C—A heavy-duty zinc/zinc oxide grease for use in the most severe environments demanding long-term protection, such as a bridge and offshore applications.