Wire Rope Industries Wire Rope for Cranes and General Purpose

Wire Rope Industries ® has manufactured high performance wire rope for over 100 years and as a result, grown to become North America’s largest provider of wire rope. Altogether, this experience has enabled Wire Rope Industries ® to perfect their design process and deliver rope with the highest quality of performance.


Among the wide arsenal of Wire Ropes Industries ® products are the Surelift® items. These products are designed and manufactured to perform tasks such as industrial lifting, material handling, rigging, and winch applications in industries including cranes for overhead, mobile, tower and port lifting environments, plus winching systems. The Surelift product line is made up of Cushion-Pac ® 8RL, Cushion-Pac ® 18, Cushion-Pac ® 8, and Power-Pac ®. Another branch of Wire Ropes Industries ® is DrillTech. DrillTech products are manufactured specifically for the oil and gas industry. These items are used in land drilling and workover rigs, offshore drilling, production platforms, pipelining, and oil field hauling. The DrillTech branch includes products such as Pro-Swaged ® 5, Cushion ® 6 and Dy-Pac ® 6.


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