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    Wire Rope Swagers

    Wire rope hand swagers are used for making loops and splicing wire rope cables. These tools come in the single and multi-cavity varieties and are designed with snap action, steel jaws to ensure a tight, firm compression on the wire rope sleeve. Available in a range of sizes, please specify dimension of wire rope when ordering. 

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    Wire Rope Pullers

    Designed to draw cable from one location to another or through the reeving of a crane, wire rope pullers are the accessory that can handle any special job. Available in standard or reversible models, AC and DC drives can be furnished to accommodate high inertial loads, frequent starts/stops, or even variable speeds. 

    Wire Rope Cutters

    Engineered for strength, durability, and longevity, it goes without saying that steel wire rope is not easily broken or separated. However, when the job requires it, wire rope cutters are the first tool that rigging leaders around the world reach for. Easily handled, these tools come in various sizes from small to large and can even be found to fit your pocket. 

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