Bishop Lifting Products is a leading distributor of the Thern Big Red TA Series of heavy duty air winches or air tuggers.  These specialized pneumatic winches have been specifically designed and tested to meet the strenuous needs of the oilfield, mining and marine industries.  The Big Red TA Series has been proven as the leading air winch in tough environments. High heat, bitter cold, salt and sand, dirt and grime, are no match for this heavy duty air winch. Big Red TA Series winches come in a range of capacities from 4,700 lbs to 21,800 lbs to meet your needs in many different applications and environments. With over 65 years in the company’s history, Thern has developed a trusted reputation for the reliability and quality of their products.

The Service department at Bishop Lifting can also provide inspections on winches, hoists, and other lifting equipment. We offer a full line of winch replacement parts, and have a staff of trained technicians who can provide repairs on Thern products.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team for a custom quote or to schedule a service inspection. 

Air Tugger


ModelCapacityWire Rope CapacityWire Rope SizeAir PressureAir FlowLine Speed
(lbs.)Min Drum WidthMax Drum Width
TA24,700850 ft.1270 ft.0.50 in.90 psi250 scfm30-46 fpm
TA2H2,400850 ft.1270 ft.0.50 in.90 psi250 scfm61-94 fpm
TA2.55,000580 ft.860 ft.0.63 in.90 psi600 scfm79-114 fpm
TA511,500810 ft.1520 ft.0.75 in.90 psi550 scfm30-47 fpm
TA715,9001150 ft. 1730 ft.0.88 in.90 psi550 scfm19-29 fpm
TA1021,8001390 ft.2780 ft.1.125 in.90 psi900 scfm20-34 fpm