One kind of lifting and transporting accessory is the tie down. These fasteners are used to hold items in place during transport and are made from high strength webbing, designed to be attached to strong, durable tie down hardware. The high strength fabric that is woven into web slings makes them lightweight but strong. Chains can also used to tie down cargo. Chains are rated according to number grades. Each grade is designed for a specific use. Both chain and high strength web tie downs are made with the fastening of goods with truck, trailer, pallets, boxes, containers, etc, in mind.Please see our Tie Down Catalog below for more information.

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.® offers a wide selection of web slings and tie downs. All products bearing the BLP name are guaranteed to be high quality. BLP Tie Downs meet or exceed the leading standards. All BLP Tie Downs are made in the USA. To purchase, or for more information, please email for a quick quote.

Tie Down Products:

Binder Chains

binder chain

  • Grade 3, Proof Coil Chain- General Purpose chain used in applications not requiring high strength.

  • Grade 4, High Test Chain- Engineered for load binding, towing, logging, and other tasks requiring higher strength to weight ratios than Grade 3 chains.

  • Grade 7, Transport Chain- Designed for load binding, towing, logging, and other applications that require higher strength to weight ratios than Grade 4 chains.

  • Grade 8 and 10, Alloy Chain- Manufactured specifically for overhead lifting and applications which demand a combination of minimum weight and high working load limits.

Load Binders

Load binder

  • L-150 Lever Binder- A fast and simple method of finding the right tension for tying down cargo.

  • L-140 Ratchet Binder- Locks into place to secure and maintain cargo’s integrity.

Ratchet Assemblies

ratchet strap assembly

  • Winch Style Web Tie Down- Tie down designed to utilize a winch on the vehicle to secure and adjust the tension on the strap.

  • Ratchet Style Web Tie Down- A mechanical tie down designed to increase or decrease the tightness of the strap in increments.

  • Roll Off Truck Tie Downs- Tie downs used to secure cargo in roll of trucks (i.e. any truck with a bed that can be lifted at an angle like a dump truck.)

  • Flat Bed Tow Truck Bridles- Ideal for use in locking cargo into place on a flat bed truck.


tie downs

Tie Downs & Heavy Haul Equipment Catalog

Bishop Lifting Products Tie Down and Heavy Haul Catalog

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