Single Leg Wire Rope Slings & Multi-Leg Bridle Slings

Wire rope sling assemblies are the most common and rugged slings used today that can be made in single, double, triple and quadruple leg configurations. In addition to meeting the demanding environments as a standard sling, wire rope sling assemblies can also be braided into multiple parts making them more flexible and able to handle higher capacity by increasing the diameter of the sling. Together, all Bishop Lifting Products riggers are trained to fabricated wire rope slings with a flemished eye, not a Texas tuck or turn back eye splice.  

Our sling catalog makes ordering easy to select sling sizes and lengths by dimensions or capacity. For information and pricing, contact

Note, several options are available for wire rope slings:

  • Specify rigging hardware requirements for bottom of sling: eye hooks, thimbles, standard eyes, sorting hooks, etc.
  • Specify wire rope construction, grade, and finish if other than standard
  • Specify master link and hooks size if other than standard


For high performance wire rope slings, please use the side bar on the left to see the different options of high capacity braided wire rope slings such as: Gator-Laids(R), Gator-Flex grommets, and Tri-Flex slings. 

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