Not all sling protection products are the same!

In today's rigging and lifting world, sling protection, such as wear pads and sliding sleeves, is crucial. Most synthetic sling accidents are caused by sharp, unnoticed objects cutting the material of the sling. This has left valuable synthetic slings damaged and even personnel injured due to unrecognized barriers. Thankfully, in response to these accidents, two synthetic wear pads have been designed to provide superior cut protection for slings: CornerMax® pads and CornerMax® sleeves.  

Engineered and tested to provide 25,000 lbs. of sling protection per inch of sling width, CornerMax® wear pads are designed to withstand the jarring 90 degree straight edges found in common I-beams.

Let Bishop Lifting Products help you with your sling protection needs! Our knowledgeable sales team is happy to help you find the right solution to your lifting needs. 

CornerMax® Pad:

The CornerMax® Pad cut protection device prevents the load edge from touching the sling.  In fact, the edge does not even touch the CornerMax® pad!  This protector will handle the most extreme circumstances:  lifting steel and concrete.

Cornermax® Pads Capacity Chart

CornerMax® Sleeves

The CornerMax® Sleeve is the ideal solution to protect synthetic slings from cutting when it is not practical to use a CornerMax® Pad.  Common uses of the CornerMax® Sleeve include protecting slings used for repetitive lifts, such as steel coils or load edges which are NOT 90 degree angles. These sliding sleeves allow the wear pad to move freely along the length of the sling. 

Cornermax® Sleeve Capacity Chart

Syn-Glide® Film

Syn-Glide Film is the only material available on the market today that reduces 70% of the cover friction by allowing the cover to glide over itself or a piece of rigging hardware.  Syn-Glide is designed to eliminate the "bite" of the Covermax cover in situations where the cover is resting on itself when the weight of the load is applied. Available as a pad or tape.


  • Decrease cost of job
  • Eliminate large shackles & hardware
  • Increase Job Safety
  • Increase Job Speed
  • Significantly reduce the need for sling repair