Welded and Mechanically Coupled Chain Slings and Assemblies

Designed for overhead lifting, unmatched durability, and excellent performance, alloy chains slings and assemblies are a top choice when it comes to demanding lifting conditions. Although Grade 100 Alloy chain is the most common grade of chain used today, Grade 80 chain is still found in use on on large diameter chain slings 1" and above. Types of alloy chain sling assemblies include single, double,  triple, and quadruple leg models.  There is also an endless grommet style alloy chain sling available.  Additionally, alloy chain slings are available with many different type of hooks like alloy sling hooks, alloy grab hooks, alloy J-Hooks, Alloy Self Locking Hooks, or Plate lifting hooks.  Alloy Grab Hooks and Alloy Sling hooks are the most common hook options.

Welded and mechanically coupled alloy chain slings are designed and built for rugged lasting service. As with any quality product, certain precautions and standards of treatment should be observed. Proper care will extend the useful life of the chain sling. 

When selecting an alloy chain sling, you will need to choose the type of coupling you prefer. The two types are (W) welded and (M) mechanically coupled.