At Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. we stock two brands of plate clamps for handling steel plates, JC Renfroe and Crosby IP. Plate clamps are a rigging tool that are normally suspended from a crane hook and attached to steel to facilitate lifting.  

In order to purchase the correct clamps, customers will need to determine the following criteria:

  1. Size, shape, and weight of the steel being lifted - Before selecting the plate lifting clamp that matches the right capacity or grip range for the steel your handling.  Keep in mind that certain plate clamps, must be used in pairs, attached with a chain or wire rope sling. 
  2. What orientation the steel is positioned at the beginning of the lift, along with what orientation it needs to end up in at the end of the lift. This is important as some plate clamps only lift vertically, while others can service a 90 or 180 degree range motion. Available options are: vertical only, Vertical +90 degrees, Vertical +90 + side pull, Vertical +180 degrees, Vertical +180 degrees + side pull, and horizontal
  3. Locking vs non-locking mechanism - some plate clamps are not equipped with a locking mechanism.  
  4. Non-marring - plate clamps that are manufactured with smooth gripping surfaces to avoid damage to the plate being lifted.  Used when gripping stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other polished metal plates. 
  5. Other specialty plate clamps include clamps used for lifting steel beams, bundles of plate, and drums.  
Ipnm Plate Clamp
JA JC Renfroe plate clamps
M-2 JD Renfroe plate clamps
IPHOZ plate clamp
HDR JC Renfroe plate clamps
ipdv plate clamp
Ipnm Plate Clamp

Bishop Lifting Products, Houston, is an Authorized Repair Center for CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps and JC Renfroe Plate Clamps. Call today to schedule your repair estimate! 

Jc Renfroe

Safety First!

Things to Remember when using Plate Clamps:

  • Visually inspect the clamp before each use.  Never use a damaged clamp. 
  • Never carry the load over people and operator and other personnel shall stay clear of the load. 
  • Never exceed the W.L.L. 
  • Never use a vertical clamp for horizontal lifting.
  • Never exceed lifting angles.  Lifting angle larger than 45° = lower W.L.L. by 50%. 
  • Never lift more than one place at a time in a vertical lift.
  • Never use a crane hook too large and/or too heavy for the hoisting eye.
  • Determine Center of Gravity and ensure the load is proportionally divided over the clamps.

Contact us today if you or your team needs training on proper use of plate clamps. 



Plate Clamp Lifting Steel


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