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    Ipnm Plate Clamp
    JA JC Renfroe plate clamps
    M-2 JD Renfroe plate clamps
    IPHOZ plate clamp
    HDR JC Renfroe plate clamps
    ipdv plate clamp
    Ipnm Plate Clamp

    Bishop Lifting, Houston, is an Authorized Repair Center for CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps and JC Renfroe Plate Clamps. Call today to schedule your repair estimate! 

    Jc Renfroe

    Safety First!

    Things to Remember when using Plate Clamps:

    • Visually inspect the clamp before each use.  Never use a damaged clamp. 
    • Never carry the load over people and operator and other personnel shall stay clear of the load. 
    • Never exceed the W.L.L. 
    • Never use a vertical clamp for horizontal lifting.
    • Never exceed lifting angles.  Lifting angle larger than 45° = lower W.L.L. by 50%. 
    • Never lift more than one place at a time in a vertical lift.
    • Never use a crane hook too large and/or too heavy for the hoisting eye.
    • Determine Center of Gravity and ensure the load is proportionally divided over the clamps.

    Contact us today if you or your team needs training on proper use of plate clamps. 



    Plate Clamp Lifting Steel



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