Hilman Rollers

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is a distributor of Hilman Rollers, a manufactured high capacity roller and skidding system since 1953. Seen as no two applications are the same, Hilman has designed and manufactured many different engineered solutions to ensure proper fit and function. All Hilman rollers utilize the endless chain principle; which features a chain of steel rolls capable of rotating about a central load-bearing, steel plate.  Hilman sets and kits are available including four rollers, handles, and a case.

Each roller kit offers a different degree of versatility and range in capacities.  The ERS Series of Hilman Rollers are open top style that allow for a removable swivel-top assembly.  Where the FT Series rollers have the swivel-top permanently attached. 

Click on the images below for more information on each type of Hilman Roller.