Wire Rope Clips – U-Bolt, Fist Grip and Bundle Clips

Bishop Lifting stocks 3 styles of Forged Wire Rope Clips for use as Wire Rope end Fittings. G-450 Red-U-Bolt® Clips, G-429 Fist Grip Clips and G-460 Soft Eye Bundle Clip, and the G-461 Thimble Eye Bundle Clip. Bishop Lifting is a proud distributor for the Crosby group including their line of wire rope clips. 

Wire Rope Clips are used for forming eyes in the ends of wire rope by following an installation procedure provided by Crosby® and OSHA 1926.251. ASME states that when used for lifting wire rope clips shall be drop-forged steel of single saddle (u-bolt) or double saddle clip. Malleable cast iron wire rope clips shall not be used. The use of wire rope clips to fabricate slings is generally prohibited as per ASME B30.9. Efficiency ratings of a properly prepared loop or thimble eye terminations for clip sizes 1/8" through 7/8" is 80%, and sized 1" through 3-1/2" is 90%.  U-Bolt style clips are not recommended for elevator, personnel hoist and scaffold applications, refer to ANSI A17.1 and ANSI A10.4. Consult the manufacturer before installing wire rope clips on plastic coated or plastic impregnated wire rope. 

Before installing the wire rope clips make sure that you have the proper size clips and that the turnback is the proper length based on manufacturer's recommendations. Place the wire rope clips on in the proper sequence, and make sure that you torque all of the wire rope clips evenly.  The saddle of the wire rope clip should be placed on the live end of the wire rope, and the u-bolt should be placed on the dead end. Make sure that you use at least the minimum number of wire rope clips, proper spacing, and turnback length recommended by the manufacturer. Also make sure you torque the wire rope clips to the torque values recommended by the manufacturer. After assembly make sure that you test the connection to at least the anticipated working load, and the check and retighten the wire rope clips to the recommended torque values. 

Crosby wire rope clips can be reused if they were installed properly and can pass inspection in between uses. Wire rope clips will wear out over time when they are reused. Check the threads for stretch and corrosion and check the saddle area for wear, deformation, and corrosion. The u-bolt must fit into the base without requiring a forceful change in u-bolt spread. The wire rope clip assembly must be properly installed and capable of being torqued to the proper values. The roddles (ridges) in the clip base must be undamaged, and the clip assembly must be retorqued after the initial load application to the specified torque values. 

G-460 Soft Eye Bundle Clip and G-461 Thimble Eye Bundle Clips are used to hold pre-slinged choker eyes in position.  These Bundle Clips reduce the rigging and handling time of drill pipe, casing and other down hole tubulars at shore bases, supply vessels and offshore installations.  

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