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Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. offers a wide variety of rigging hardware. Our experienced staff can work with you to make sure that we provide you with the proper rigging equipment to fit your application, and make sure you have the correct slings and rigging hardware to make safe lifts. Bishop is proud to be a distributor of The Crosby Group, the market leader in rigging products.  Crosby reached this level through engineering excellence, quality control, durability, recognized dependability, industrial education, and customer service. "Crosby: There is No Equal".

The Crosby Group incorporates several patented concepts and trademarks that set them apart from the competition:

QUIC-CHECK- is a patented concept that uses marking indicators to stamped onto the rigging hardware that aid the user in proper use and inspection. For example on Crosby hooks the QUIC-CHECK located in the bowl of the hook denote 45 degree angles that can be referenced during use to make sure that sling angles do not exceed the 90 degree included angle allowed during lifts using a hook to gather the slings. There are also indicators stamped on the throat opening of the hook that can be used a measuring reference to check for deformation of the hook.

Load Rated- Identifies rigging hardware that have the Working Load Limit stamped or affixed to them

Fatigue Rated- is a registered trademark that denotes rigging equipment that has proven to provide improved fatigue resistance during testing and use.

Quenched and Tempered- Crosby has perfected their quench and tempering methods to create rigging hardware with industry leading ductility and toughness.

MAXTOUGH- identifies products that that are statistically verified to meet or exceed impact values of 31 ft-lbs. at -4 degrees F (42 Joules at -20 degrees C) based on a high level of confidence. MAXTOUGH is another value added benefit of The Crosby Group.

Type Approved- is a symbol that identifies rigging equipment that has been Type Approved by various third party organizations.  

It is important to understand that some styles of rigging hardware such as round pin shackles and non shouldered eye bolts can only be used for completely vertical lifts with no sling angle of angular loading allowed. It is also important to understand the proper use and orientation of the various types of rigging hardware so that you can avoid damaging the equipment or lowering the hardware's available capacity.  

Our Services department is available to provide inspection and testing on all your rigging hardware and rigging equipment. We offer onsite inspections or you can send the equipment to our facilities to be inspected and repaired or replaced. Bishop Lifting offers several different types of testing to meet your needs including Non destructive Testing, Ultrasound Testing, Tensile Testing, Ultimate Testing, Pad Eye Testing, and Proof Loading.

Use the sidebar on the left to view the different categories of rigging hardware that Bishop Lifting Products offers.  

  • Shackles
  • Master Links
  • Turnbuckles
  • Eye Bolts
  • Hooks
  • Thimbles
  • Swivel Hoist Rings

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