Liftmax® Plate Hooks Custom Design

Liftmax® Plate Hooks are special hooks used in sets to lift steel plates and are not to be used individually. Our Liftmax® Plate Hooks are normally used with alloy chain slings. Usually, they are painted yellow with durable enamel paint. However, special finishes and custom colors are available upon request. Simply just specify when ordering what you would like. Additionally, our Plate Hooks meet or exceed ASME B30.20 "Below the Hook Lifting Devices" standards. Furthermore, we do proof test to 125%. Call our sales team at 713-674-2266 or email them at

When selecting the right Plate Hook custom design it is important to know:

  • Capacity (ton or lbs)
  • Number of hooks
  • Dimensions (inches) **A-E in the image below
  • Are Slings Required?

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