Liftmax® skip pans are designed as specialized material baskets with solid steel sides and a slope at one end. At Bishop Lifting Products, skip pans are most commonly used for holding construction materials, as four top lift points and forklift pockets allow for significant ease of movement. With custom options available, please contact with any inquiries.

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. features an in-house engineering team with years of industry experience, the latest design technologies and highest quality fabrication techniques ready to design your custom lifting devices.  Our experienced in-house engineering and design team utilizes CAD, 3D modeling, and FEA programs. We are the lifting equipment design specialists geared specifically for building custom lifting devices according to the ASME BTH-1 design standard and ASME B30.20 “Below-the-Hook” standards.

Model: SP - Liftmax® Skip Pan

• Steel sides with sloped end
• Forklift pockets
• Two dump lugs one end
• Stainless Steel data plate with individual serial numbers with RFID tracking



• Painted Yellow with durable enamel paint
• Meets or exceeds ASME B30.20 "Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices"
• Design & Fabricated to ASME BTH-1 design standard
• Proof Tested to 125%