Liftmax® designs and fabricates Personnel Lifting Baskets for personnel transfer and transport applications.  This series of personnel lifting devices includes suspended personnel platforms, fixed personnel platforms, and work platforms.  All personnel crane baskets or man baskets and cages are rated by capacity, number of persons, and by physical size.  We also have the ability to have the personnel baskets DNV certified, if necessary. 

Liftmax® Personnel Baskets are fabricated from square tubing, expanded metal, and non-slip flooring.  Inward opening and auto-locking gates, toe plates, stainless steel data plate, and railing height requirements are standard. There are many optional features available to choose from including: single point lifting lug, solid and expanded metal roofs, and custom paint or galvanized finishes.

  • Standard Personnel Basket
  • Single Point Attachment
  • Round Personnel Basket
  • Personnel Work Platform
  • EVAC Personnel Basket

Standard Features:

  • Used for lifting personnel to perform work or for transporting personnel

  • Expanded metal sides, toe plate, hand rail, lanyard pad eyes, solid non-slip floor

  • Inward opening, self locking gate

  • Detachable test weight included with forklift pockets


  • Stainless steel data plate with individual serial numbers with RFID tracking

  • Painted yellow with durable enamel paint

  • Meets or exceeds ASME B30.23 "Personnel Lifting Systems"

  • Proof tested to 125%

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