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Lifting Tongs are specialized lifting tools used primarily for moving steel shapes in a repetitive production environment. Steel mills, steel forging and steel casting plants utilize tongs because they are designed to fit a limited range steel sizes and weights, and are capable of handling differing steel types at high temperatures.


These are 3 basic categories of Lifting Tongs.

  1. Supporting Tongs – are for single size objects that have clearance underneath for lifting feet
  2. Gripping Tongs – are for materials like ingots, rolls, tubes, pipes and other round our cylindrical objects
  3. Pressure Tong – grip the vertical sizes of slabs, bales, billets, or other flat or round objects. Pads or Pins provide surface friction to maintain safe holding pressure.


Brands of Tongs Available:

Bushman – Severe duty lifting tongs with a Bushman Auto-Latch for hands free operation of the clamping mechanism.

Liftmax – Light duty lifting tongs designed lift specific loads like machined parts, forgings, tooling.

Types of Lifting Tongs:

There a several types of Lifting Tongs mechanically operate different lift loads.

Scissor Tongs

Scissor Tongs – Use a scissoring mechanism to clamp to the load

Manual Tong

Manual Tong – Can be opened manually by hand, and closes around load with supporting feet

ID Tong

ID Tong – Lift Loads from the Inside Dimension using a plate to expand the lifting legs to make contact with the load

OD Tong

OD Tong – Lifts Loads by connecting to the part on the Outer Diameter edge

Why should I consider a Lifting Tong?

Lifting Tongs are a great tool when lifting steel parts in a low or high frequency when the steel shapes are of similar size. Lifting Tongs are also a great tool for lifting hot steel ingots, billets, blockers, pipe, forgings or castings.

How to select a Lifting Tong

Confused on how to order the correct tong? Not sure if you need a supporting, gripping or pressure tong? Download our easy to understand flyer on how to select the proper lifting tong.

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Do your tongs need repairs?

Replace Worn Components & Parts

Inspection is key to preventative maintenance plans.  Prior to use, lifting equipment such as plate clamps and hoists, should be visually inspected for worn parts.

Training Personnel

Untrained personnel has been the number one cause of equipment failure. Lack of operator understanding of how a piece of equipment works and what it's capable of doing leads to damage and unnecessary repairs.  We can help!

Set up Periodic Inspections

All lifting equipment should be periodically inspected for conditions that require removal from service. Normal time intervals are:

  • Normal Service - yearly
  • Severe Service - monthly to quarterly
  • Special Service - as recommended by a qualified person
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