Smaller lifting projects can use air power hoists depending on the application. These air powered hoists can handle loads from 120 lbs to 7 ½ tons. Air powered hoists offer numerous benefits. They are simple to use and require minimum maintenance. Using an air powered hoist is often less expensive than an electric hoist. Also, since they run on compressed air, they do not produce any sparks, thus making them explosion and flame proof. JD Neuhaus offers top of the line air powered hoists. We partner with JDN because they provide products that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Email sales@lifting.com for a quick quote.

JDN hoists and winches are particularly small and compact. This widens the range of applications and facilitates transportation. Due to the low number of components, service life time is extended and maintenance is simplified. Their hoists are suitable for application in hazardous areas as the driving medium, air opposite to electricity, does not produce sparks.

Air Hoists PROFI

JDNThe JDN mini series perfect for general duty, smaller lifts! These mini air hoists have carrying capacities: 275 lbs, 500 lbs, 1,100 lbs, 2,200 lbs and air pressure to 85 PSI.  


  • Manual Trolleys: for pushing and pulling the trolleys by hand.
  • Real Chain Trolleys: for moving the trolleys by operating the reel chain mechanism. 
  • Motor Trolleys: powered by an air motor. 
  • Low Headroom Trolleys: trolley solution for restricted headroom applications.

Monorail Air Hoists

Something about Monorail hoists here.... 

BOP Handling Systems

BOP handling systems from J.D. Neuhaus are recognised for their reliable, robust and efficient operation on land and on jack-up and semi-submersible drilling platforms. The monorail air hoists (EH) in our BOP handling systems feature a compact design with low installation height. They can be used as double hoists in standard BOP handling systems or, when linked together with a coupling rod, can be operated as a 4-point BOP handling system. For extremely low headrooms we recommend our ultra-low hoists from the UH series. Alternatively, all BOP handling systems are available with hydraulic drives.