Recognized as a market leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry, Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for many industrial applications. Our top quality products include electric and air powered chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists and trolleys, lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists, push and geared trolleys, overhead cranes, crane accessories and a full line of replacement parts. Like Bishop Lifting Products, Harrington Hoists, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

LB Lever Hoist

This manual hoist comes in load capacities ranging from ¾ to 9 tons. Their lifting range is anywhere from 5- 20 feet. Ratchet levers are beneficial because they are easy to use, lightweight, portable, and rugged. These features aids in proper tensioning and securing of the load. 360 degree handling rotation and pivot & swivel top hook for easy rigging.  Plus, they are great for low headroom situations. Rated the number 1 selling lever hoist in the U.S., these hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done.

CB Hand Chain Hoist

Hand chain hoists rank high in durability and performance for the most demanding industrial and construction applications. This manual chain hoist comes in models that can handle from ½ to 100 tons. They are lightweight and portable. The simple construction of the hand chain means it is easy to maintain. It is an ideal solution for construction and contractor applications.