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    Category: videos

    3″ Socket Line Break Test Video

    As children, we were always taught to NOT break things… but at Bishop Lifting Products, Inc., break testing is an added service we provide our customers.  Compared to a traditional proof test, break testing allows for quality control and verification of lifting materials. By knowing the actual breaking strength of wire rope and slings, our customers can verifty that the slings meet design factors as outlined by ASME. All five of our locations are equipped to administer break tests.  Our largest proof test bed is located in Houston, Texas and has a capacity of  3.3 million pounds.

    This socket line break test video was recorded at our  Houston office from our state of the art test bed control room.  Customers are invited to witness break tests or proof tests from this control room, high above the test bed, allowing for photographs or videos such as the one below.

    [huge_it_video_player id="2"]

    Bishop Lifting Products performed a break test of a 3” BLP-604 Socket Line using 35X7 high performance wire rope & Crosby G-417 Closed Spelter Sockets each end.  Breaking at over 500 tons, the socket line met all necessary 5 to 1 design factors.