Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. Fabricates World’s Longest Polyester Roundsling

August 26, 2016--Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. (BLP), a fabricator and distributor of slings and rigging supplies, fabricated the world’s longest polyester roundsling in Houston, Texas.

The Polyester Roundsling was fabricated for a special subsea installation project for use in the Gulf of Mexico.  The BLR7 model sling has a vertical capacity of 21,200 lbs., and a record breaking length of 280 feet.

Bishop Lifting Products has a dedicated team of skilled synthetic sewers who are taught and trained on the correct standards and policies in line with the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) and ASME B30.90 “Slings” for fabricating synthetic slings.

About Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. (BLP) is a leading fabricator and distributor of products, services, and lifting solutions for crane, rigging, marine, and oilfield applications. Our 500+ dedicated employees throughout Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma supply wire rope, slings, rigging hardware, lifting devices, hoists and winches to customers with lifting, oilfield, towing, and hauling applications.


Product Spotlight: Thern Davit Cranes

Thern Davit Cranes – Need a Lift?

Thern's line of Davit Cranes is the most extensive in our industry.  Ranging from marine, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and more, they have a portable or stationary davit crane to suit your needs.  

Thern Davit Crane Advantages:

  • Simple Installation

  • Industrial Applications: Ability to LIFT up to 3,000 lbs. Ability to rotate and lower to a desired location or position. 

  • Truck Mounted Applications

  • Rooftop Applications: Installed on rooftop applications provide an economical, permanent solution for lifting tools, maintenance and HVAC equipment.

  • Construction Sites: Great for small lifts up to 2,000 lbs

  • Grain Elevators: Electric or hand operated davit crane mounted to the top of elevators provide an easy, economical solution for lifting tools and equipment.

Depending upon the load weight and dimensions, hook height needed above or below floor level, hook reach required, long or short load lifts, spur gear or worm gear hand or power operated winches, AC/ DC or drill drivable options — our experts will help you choose the perfect davit and winch combination to handle your project with ease. Let us help make your job faster, safer and easier with the use of the best davit crane available - Made in the USA.



The “Long Lift” crane is our standard Commander 1000 or Commander 2000 series davit crane fitted with a Thern power winch featuring a modified drum, which is able to handle large amounts of wire rope. This combination allows for long lifts up to 390 feet, which is ideal for the bulk handling and construction industries.



Although Thern portable davit cranes are most commonly used at water treatment facilities they are also found at job sites, in maintenance shops, in factories, on radar towers and roof tops all over the world. Your choice of pedestal, flush or wall mount bases increases your installation options.



Although Thern davit cranes are commonly mounted on concrete or other stable structures, they can also be mounted to vehicles for even more portability. Depending upon the vehicle or intended use, our davits can be flush mounted, pedestal base mounted or even mounted using our wall mount base.



Although any Thern davit crane model can be mounted on your boat, dinghy, ship or platform, the Captain Series 571 (1500 lb. capacity) and 572 (2200 lb. capacity) are the most popular crane used on tug boats and in the marine industry all over the world because they provide extended height, extended reach and smooth 360° rotation while loading supplies and equipment. The Captain series davit cranes are available in manual or power winch operation. An optional ratchet style screw-jack can be added for precise boom adjustment from 45° to 90°.



Thern winches and davit cranes are commonly found at water and wastewater treatment facilities performing a multitude of tasks at lift stations, in pump houses, collection sewers, bar screening, aeration tanks, clarifiers, filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, biosolid recycling, maintenance shops and more.

3″ Socket Line Break Test Video

As children, we were always taught to NOT break things… but at Bishop Lifting Products, Inc., break testing is an added service we provide our customers.  Compared to a traditional proof test, break testing allows for quality control and verification of lifting materials. By knowing the actual breaking strength of wire rope and slings, our customers can verifty that the slings meet design factors as outlined by ASME. All five of our locations are equipped to administer break tests.  Our largest proof test bed is located in Houston, Texas and has a capacity of  3.3 million pounds.

This socket line break test video was recorded at our  Houston office from our state of the art test bed control room.  Customers are invited to witness break tests or proof tests from this control room, high above the test bed, allowing for photographs or videos such as the one below.

[huge_it_video_player id="2"]

Bishop Lifting Products performed a break test of a 3” BLP-604 Socket Line using 35X7 high performance wire rope & Crosby G-417 Closed Spelter Sockets each end.  Breaking at over 500 tons, the socket line met all necessary 5 to 1 design factors.

Bishop Lifting Products Announces the Launch of New

lifting-website-updateHOUSTON, TX -- April 8, 2016 -- Bishop Lifting Products is pleased to announce the launch of their redesigned website,   The new website will provide visitors with a more user and mobile friendly way to access lifting or rigging related product information, services, and news from Bishop Lifting Products. The updated, 398 page General Catalog is filled with all the products needed to build a lift plan with all the necessary rigging gear.  From slings, rigging hardware, spreader bars, hoists, or winches, our customers now have full, online access to the best brands and tools.  

In addition to the top of the line products, Bishop Lifting Products has also expanded its services department.  Their goal is to be the number one value-added service provider for lifting and rigging equipment.  BLP's team can now provide rigging training, proof testing at all branch locations, inspection or repair, and rental equipment for your project needs. will be continually updated with new content on the latest project photos of lifts and rigging used in the industry, as well as helpful product and safety information, articles and best practices, newsletters, and company announcements in the News section. 

About Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. (BLP) is a leading fabricator and distributor of products, services, and rigging rental solutions for crane and oilfield applications. In 2012, Bishop Lifting Products became a member of SBP Holdings. Together with Delta Rigging & Tools and Morgan City Rentals, we make up the largest wire rope, slings, and rigging accessories group in the country. Our team of dedicated employees help leading companies across all industries around the world, solve their lifting and industrial needs.  With strategic branches located in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado, customers have the advantage of accessing our large breadth of products from any location. 

Media Contact:

Teresa Clayton, Marketing Manager
Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.
125 McCarty Drive
Houston, Texas 77029 USA
713-674-2266 office
713-671-7841 direct



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