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January: Periodic rigging inspection services, training, Gator-Laid Slings, Wall Calendars and more!

February: Straightpoint Bluetooth Loadcell app, Tuffy Chain Hoists, Personnel Baskets, & Low-headroom lifting beam


February: Liftmax Positioning Cart, Slingmax Cut Protection, Liftmax Personnel Baskets, MaxiRider Service Call

April: Crosby ROV Release Shackle, OTC 2017, Proof testing Twin-Path Slings, Liftmax Lifting Beams

May: Modulift 2017 Catalog, Crosby Training Classes, How to Pour Spelter Sockets, Doug Cutsinger ACRP Board Member

June: Thern Davit Cranes, Modulift Adjustable Lifting Beam, BLP Repairs 400te Auxiliary Block

August: Matex Acquisition Finalized,  Blog Post: Understanding Eye Bolts, Frac Iron Lifting Systems

September: Hurricane Harvey Update, Crosby Shur-loc Handled Eye Hooks, CM Hurricane & Tornado 360 Hoists, LAGCOE 2017

November: Pipeline Slings, Heavy Duty Air Tuggers, Custom Storage Carts & Racks, Drop Test Services


August 2016 - Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc, WireCo Wire Rope, Straightpoint Proof Test Plus Software Release, Wire Rope Hoist Installation

July 2016 - Harrington Hoist Half Ton Hand Chain Hoist, Slingmax Gator-Laid Slings, Custom Material Baskets

June 2016 - Product Spotlight -Thern Davit Cranes, Liftmax Beam and Slingmax Slings in Action, Hilman Rollers, Save the Date - PBIOS 2016

April 2016 - OTC 2016, New Launch, 3" Socket Line Video, Spreader Bars - rent or purchase

March 2016 - Straightpoint ATEX/IECEx Load Cell, new Offshore Rental Catalog, Crosby Easy-Loc V2 Shackle, Bottle Lifters

February 2016 - Gator-Laid® High Capacity Wire Rope Slings, JD Neuhaus, Crosby Training in Houston, and more! 


September 2015 - Crosby Cold Tuff Hoist Rings, DNV Personnel Baskets, Custom Paint for Lifting Devices, Photo of the Month

June 2015 - Tuffy Hoists, Slingmax Covermax UV Protection, Sea Catch Video, Photo of the Month

March 2015 - OTC 2015, New Straightpoint Load Cell Catalog, Tractel Minifor, Photo of the Month, SC&RA Wire Rope Installation Tips

Jan/February 2015 - Modulift Spreader Beams, Crosby Group McKissick 70 & 80 Series Tubing Blocks, Repair Services from BLP, New ASME Standards


June 2014 - Modulift Spreader Beams, NASA Slings Project, Crosby Rigging Seminar and Shrimp Boil, Rigging Training

May 2014 - Liftmax® Rigging Tree, Tips for Wire Rope Slings, Quality at BLP, Rigging Training

April 2014 - Liftmax® H-Links, Rigging Training , OTC May 5-8th Booth# 1009, BLP Acquires Delta Rigging, Rigging Training

February/March 2014 - New Crosby G-414SL Locking Thimble, Liftmax Storage Solutions, Redesign of JD Neuhaus EH Series, Top Trainer Award Nominations

January 2014- New Crosby Grommet Shackle, Liftmax Pad Eyes, JC Renfroe Plate Clamps, Proof Testing


December 2013 - Gator-Laid Slings, Liftmax Personnel Baskets, Alloy Chain Sling D/d Ratios

November 2013 - New Wire Rope Swager, Liftmax Telescoping Spreader Bars, Satisfaction Survey

October 2013 - New Liftmax® Catalog, D/d Chart for Twin-Path® Slings, LAGCOE and OKC Oilfield Expo

August/Sept. 2013 - New President of BLP, New General Product Catalog, Teufelberger Oil & Gas Catalog

July 2013- New 2014 Crosby Catalogs, Teufelberger 15 year award, Thern Winches, Twin-Path in Action

May/June 2013 - Subsea Tiger Hoists, Maintenance & Repairs from BLP Services, Crosby Subsea Shackle

March/April 2013 - OTC, Cut Protection Pads for Synthetic Slings, Liftmax® Spreader Bars

February 2013 - Gator-Flex® Grommets, Straightpoint Wireless Compression Loadcell, CornerMax® Sleeves

January 2013 - Inspection Criteria Posters, Top 10 Crane Standards Cited, Liftmax® Rigging Containers


December 2012 - WRI Industry Catalogs, New Location for Lafayette Branch, McKissick Drilling Block

November 2012 - Thern Mini Air Tugger, Liftmax BOP Handling Beam, HBR Meeting

October 2012 - Permian Basin Oilshow, Teufelberger TK 18-EVO, Dynamic Lift Magnets

September 2012 - Twin-Path Extra Covermax Slings, Clamp-Co Grabs, 250 Ton BOP Handlers, Lifting Beams

July/August 2012 - NEW Slingmax Pad Eye Testers, Merger for BLP, Slings in Action, BLP Specials

June 2012 - New Crosby Hoist Ring, Liftmax Reel Lifter, Thern Porta-Gantry

May 2012 - Safety Excellence Award Winner, Crosby Heavy Lift Seminar, New JD Neuhaus Monorail Hoist

April 2012 - Offshore Technology Conference, Plasma Ropes, Power Team, Liftmax™ Pallet Lifter

March 2012 - QR Codes on Synthetic Slings, Mast Raising Lines, Wire Rope Pin Punch, New OK City Branch

February 2012 - Tie Down and Heavy Haul Catalog, Slingmax Twin-Path, JD Neuhaus BOP Handling Systems

January 2012 - Crosby Sling App, MaxiRider II, Crane Block Repair and Testing


December 2011 - Cortland Synthetic Ropes, Renfroe Plate Clamps, USA Made Synthetic Slings

November 2011 - New Crosby Tools, Skip Pan Video, New Well Servicing Tubing Grabs

October 2011 - LAGCOE 2011, New Branch in New Orleans, Thern Big Red Air Tugger Winches

September 2011 - Crosby Clamp-Co Pipe Hooks, Connecting Synthetic Slings, Hilman Rollers Traksporter

August 2011- Twin-Path Slings in Action, SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop, JDN BOP Handling Hoists

July 2011 - West Florida Wire Rope Acquisition, Straightpoint Loadcells, TOCIFT Charity Fishing Tournament

June 2011 - CRC and API Offshore Conference, New Crosby Catalog, Golden Hoagie Award, VP of ACRP

May 2011 - New Testing Brochure, Crane & Rigging Support Silver Award, 75 ton Crosby Mckissick Block

April 2011 - OTC Update, New Portable Proof Test Machine, Sprint For Life, McKissick Oilfield Drilling Block

March 2011 - Crosby McKissick Sheaves, Cornermax Sleeves, RFID Program, Gas Cylinder Transport Cage

February 2011 - JD Neuhaus BOP Handlers, Teufelberger Handbook, BLP Spreader Frames

January 2011 - BLP Ultra Spreader Bars, Made in USA Slings, New BLP Specials Page


December 2010 - New Crosby Bundle Clips, Huskie Wire Rope Cutters, Pocket Rigging Cards Available

November 2010 - MaxiRider I & II design, BLP Ultra Personnel Lifting Baskets, Crosby Shrimp Boil

October 2010 - Slingmax Check-Fast Inspection System, Crosby Seminar & Shrimp Boil, Employee Spotlight

September 2010 - Crosby Clamp-Co Pipe Grab, Personnel Lifting Baskets, Industry News, Community Events

August 2010 - Wire Rope Industries, New OSHA Standards, BLP Participates in Dynamo Cup Charity

July 2010 - Gulf of Mexico Recovery Slings in Action, BLP Odessa Grand Opening, Service Spotlight

June 2010 - 2009 Golden Hoagie Award, New Products on, Test Bed Complete, Moorlink & BLP

May 2010 - OTC 2010, CRC 2010, Sprint for Life, Billy-Bob One liners, New Test Bed Video

April 2010 - Straightpoint Load Cells, New Odessa Location, Upcoming Events, RFID Tags