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Product Spotlight: Thern Davit Cranes

Thern Davit Cranes – Need a Lift?

Thern's line of Davit Cranes is the most extensive in our industry.  Ranging from marine, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and more, they have a portable or stationary davit crane to suit your needs.  

Thern Davit Crane Advantages:

  • Simple Installation

  • Industrial Applications: Ability to LIFT up to 3,000 lbs. Ability to rotate and lower to a desired location or position. 

  • Truck Mounted Applications

  • Rooftop Applications: Installed on rooftop applications provide an economical, permanent solution for lifting tools, maintenance and HVAC equipment.

  • Construction Sites: Great for small lifts up to 2,000 lbs

  • Grain Elevators: Electric or hand operated davit crane mounted to the top of elevators provide an easy, economical solution for lifting tools and equipment.

Depending upon the load weight and dimensions, hook height needed above or below floor level, hook reach required, long or short load lifts, spur gear or worm gear hand or power operated winches, AC/ DC or drill drivable options — our experts will help you choose the perfect davit and winch combination to handle your project with ease. Let us help make your job faster, safer and easier with the use of the best davit crane available - Made in the USA.



The “Long Lift” crane is our standard Commander 1000 or Commander 2000 series davit crane fitted with a Thern power winch featuring a modified drum, which is able to handle large amounts of wire rope. This combination allows for long lifts up to 390 feet, which is ideal for the bulk handling and construction industries.



Although Thern portable davit cranes are most commonly used at water treatment facilities they are also found at job sites, in maintenance shops, in factories, on radar towers and roof tops all over the world. Your choice of pedestal, flush or wall mount bases increases your installation options.



Although Thern davit cranes are commonly mounted on concrete or other stable structures, they can also be mounted to vehicles for even more portability. Depending upon the vehicle or intended use, our davits can be flush mounted, pedestal base mounted or even mounted using our wall mount base.



Although any Thern davit crane model can be mounted on your boat, dinghy, ship or platform, the Captain Series 571 (1500 lb. capacity) and 572 (2200 lb. capacity) are the most popular crane used on tug boats and in the marine industry all over the world because they provide extended height, extended reach and smooth 360° rotation while loading supplies and equipment. The Captain series davit cranes are available in manual or power winch operation. An optional ratchet style screw-jack can be added for precise boom adjustment from 45° to 90°.



Thern winches and davit cranes are commonly found at water and wastewater treatment facilities performing a multitude of tasks at lift stations, in pump houses, collection sewers, bar screening, aeration tanks, clarifiers, filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, biosolid recycling, maintenance shops and more.

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