Most Extensive Wire Rope and Rigging Catalog

Simply click the image below and explore the recently created, online Bishop Lifting Products catalog. This is our company's latest step in marketing not only our products and services but also matching the innovative expectations of customers around the world. 

Want to have a catalog mailed to you? Please fill out the form below and our marketing team will mail you one directly!  (Sorry but at this time, we only can mail catalogs within the United States. All international customers, please refer to the online catalog.)

Product Categories Include:Catalog Cover

  • Wire Rope

  • Slings

  • Lifting Devices

  • Rigging Hardware

  • Rigging Tools

  • Blocks & Sheaves

  • Synthetic Ropes

  • Hoists & Trolleys

  • Winches & Cranes 

  • and Tie-downs & Chains