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Pendant and Raising Lines

Pouring Socket LineSocket lines are special fabricated wire rope assemblies with spelter or swaged sockets attached on the ends. Types of sockets include open spelter, closed spelter, open swage, closed swage, mooring, and wedge.

The type of end termination for the socket line selected is determined by the application and strength required of the final assembly. Each wire rope termination attaches with a special method which may affect the strength of the wire rope.

There are four basic types of sockets available from Crosby that utilize a poured zinc or resin to create the termination. Poured sockets are used in many wire rope and structural strand termination applications where a high strength, permanent end attachment is required.

Spelter Sockets are available in both the closed and open design. These types of poured sockets are generally used as a straight tension member. They are commonly used on crane boom pendant lines and on applications that require an anchoring system to be connected mechanically to a structure, such as on bridges and roof systems. They are also occasionally used on crane hoist lines to connect to a crane block or overhaul ball.

Mooring Sockets are designed to be used in marine applications where attachment to shackles and connecting links is required.

Button Sockets are designed to terminate all types of running ropes used on mobile cranes to connect a hoist line to a crane block or overhaul ball.

The common thread among all these products is the method used to terminate the rope. WIRELOCK® is a resin compound offered by Crosby, that when properly used, creates a 100% efficient termination. Zinc is also used to terminate spelter type sockets with the same resultant efficiency.

Common uses for socket lines:

Oilfield: derrick mast raising lines

Offshore: towing lines, mooring lines, stinger lines

Cranes: pendant lines, static lines


Open Spelter Sockets

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Mooring Sockets

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