Made out of carbon, alloy or stainless steel, metal mesh slings are widely used in metalworking and in other industries where loads are abrasive, hot, or will tend to cut web slings. Unlike nylon and wire rope slings, metal mesh slings resist abrasion and cutting. Metal mesh slings grip the load firmly without extensive stretching, easily maintaining balanced loads. Uncoated metal mesh slings withstand temperatures up to 550°F or 288°C.

Metal mesh slings are designed and built for rugged lasting service. As with any quality product, certain precautions and standards of treatment should be observed. Proper care will extend the useful life.

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1MM - TYPE 1 - Metal Mesh Sling with Choker and Basket fitting

2MM - TYPE 2 - Metal Mesh Sling with Basket fitting each end


Metal Mesh Slings Capacities