Liftmax® Cableway Trolley Custom Design

Liftmax® Cableway Trolleys are commonly used to travel and lower equipment across rivers, canyons, and expanses. In fact, Cableway Trolleys can be supplied with Lifting Block, Trolley Rope, Travel Ropes, and Hoisting Ropes. Additionally, we also have Hoisting Rope Winches and Trolley Rope Anchoring Equipment available. Furthermore, they can be custom designed for your specific application. Lastly, they are designed and fabricated to ASME BTH-1 design standards, as well as ASME B30.19 Cableways. Call our sales team at 713-674-2266 or email them at

However, when selecting the right Cableway Trolley custom design it is important to know:

  • Trolley Sheave Diameter (feet and inches)
  • Hoisting Rope Speed
  • Trolley Sheave Quantity
  • Bearing Preference
  • Trolley Speed
  • Capacity (ton or lbs)
  • Trolley Rope Diameter
  • Environment
  • Trolley Rope Type

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