Drilling, Tubing and Gin Pole Truck Blocks

Bishop Lifting specializes in supplying McKissick® Oilfield Blocks for Drilling, Oilfield Service and Rig Moving applications.  The Traveling Blocks available include the RJ and RP style Drilling blocks with McKissick® Roll-Forged® sheaves with flame hardened grooves and an API profile. The Tubing Blocks available are the Series 70 and Series 80.  The series 70 has a spring loaded hook that is better for heavy usage and larger depths.  It's also available with Rod Hook and Clevis and utilizes the new Split Nut Retention System.  The McKissick® M-491 Tower Block, also called a Derrick Block or Man Rider Block, is available from 4 to 30 tons, and is suitable for hoisting personnel . The McKissick® Alloy High Capacity Blocks are the Rig Movers and Gin Pole operators choice of snatch blocks.  Model 434 with hook, model 435 with shackle, and model 401 are available in wire rope sizes 1" to 1-1/4" in capacities from 25 to 60 tons.

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