Similar to snatch or crane blocks, Bishop Lifting Products is a proud distributor of McKissick industry-specific blocks used for construction, industrial, military, and marine applications. Whether it's an "off the shelf" or "custom engineered" design, scrap handling, tilt wall, construction, and bridge crane blocks are available to match the demand of countless industry's lifting needs. 

With capacities available from 5 to 100 tons and larger models available upon request, all units are equipped with genuine Crosby® forged steel. These blocks can also be furnished with a swivel shackle, single swivel hook, duplex swivel hook and even quad swivel hook depending on the size of the project. Most importantly, many of McKissick blocks can carefully be opened to allow an easy reeving of the block without dis-assembly. Making industry specific blocks the ideal and highest quality choice for tough or rigorous industries. 

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Industry Blocks

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