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Blp ServicesBLP offers on-site crane and lifting consultants, certified crane technicians and certified rigging inspectors to customers who have large projects or extended service work requirements in remote locations. Our ability to staff employees at your facility reduces costs because it reduces daily travel costs. Partnerships and flexibility are paramount in staffing and consulting. Our strength is flexibility and we utilize employees from our diverse pool of inspectors, crane technicians, and consultants to staff up any job.

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Crane TechniciansQualified & Certified Crane Technicians

BLP Services crane technicians are third party certified by WRRC, CICB, and many industry manufacturers. Our strict adherence and understanding of ASME B30, API RP2D, OSHA 1910/1926, and other product reference manuals set our Crane Techs apart.  In addition, our Crane Techs are ASNT Level II & III certified which enable us to perform weld inspections and recognize problems with fabricated steel lifting fixtures.

Rigging Inspectors

Qualified & Certified Rigging Inspectors

BLP Services’ Rigging Inspectors are certified and qualified by third party certification and experience. They possess an understanding of ASME B30, OSHA 1910/1926, API, current industry standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, and customer policies though training. Our employees are ASNT Level II & III certified inspectors. We currently have several original tracking methods we use for slings and rigging equipment. Color coding, custom vinyl tagging, and custom stainless steel tagging are the most common. We also have clerical, administrative, and help class employees available.

Lifting ConsultantsLifting Consultants

BLP Services’ provides consulting services to assist you with any type of lifting applications or departmental tasks. Some of the applications we consult for include: drafting of lifting procedures, setting up inspection and testing programs, and lift plan proposals.  Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience, with third party certifications, and adhere to ASME B30, API, OSHA 1910/1926, CMAA 70/74, current industry standards, and manufacturer’s recommendations.

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