Lifting Slings

The use of slings in Houston, as well as worldwide, is widespread in the lifting and rigging industries. Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. provides a variety of sling products such as the alloy chain sling, roundsling and synthetic sling from Slingmax® Rigging Solutions and other manufacturers. Versatile and varying in texture, flexibility, and strength, slings can be utilized for lifting any type of load no matter the size, weight, shape or fragility. Industries that rely on slings for their lifting applications include: aerospace, construction, crane and rigging, government and military, manufacturing, commercial fishing, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical, pipeline, and power generation.

Alloy Chain Slingsalloy chain sling

Metal Mesh Slingsmetal mesh sling

Wire Rope Slingsmultiple leg sling



Synthetic Slingsweb sling

Pipeline SlingsPipeline Slings

High Performance Wire Rope Slingsgator-laid sling

Twin-Path® High Performance Slingstwin-path sling

Socket Linessocket line




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