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Walker Lifting MagnetsWalker Magnetics® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of magnetic lifting solutions. Their company has origins that trace back over 110 years. During that time they have used quality, innovative products to propel them into a position as the largest company in the world providing magnetic products for material handling and lifting applications. While they are headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, their products are available throughout the world.

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Walker Magnetics® boasts a line a quality magnetic lifting devices suited to handle a variety of needs. Their line of permanent lift magnets are compact, efficient, and self contained. The selection of permanent lift magnets are ordered according to weight capacity and magnet size, and this line includes the NEO-125, NEO-250, NEO-500, NEO-1000, NEO-2000, CM-400, and CM-800. They do not require any electricity, as the permanent magnets hold power indefinitely. Permanent lift magnets are easy to use, low maintenance, and designed to last for years. Walker Magnetics Circular Lift Magnets (or CER® magnets) are the most powerful and cost efficient lifting magnets on the market. They are available in a variety of sizes and weight load capacities (CER-5, CER-7, CER-9, CER-12, CER-16, and CER-20.) CER magnets are also beneficial because they are less vulnerable to adverse surface conditions than other lifting magnets. Lastly, Walker Magnetics ® has a selection of battery powered lift magnets. These magnets are beneficial because they are easy to transport and can be used in situations where electricity is unavailable. Included in this line are, in order of weight load capacity, the WBM-13, WBM-25, WBM-36, and WBM-50.

Walker Magnetics ® and Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. is one of the top sellers of professional grade Walker Magnetics products. The partnership between BLP and Walker Magnetics has been successful because both companies have a desire to provide their customers with the best products available. With professional grade products and friendly customer service, you can trust BLP and Walker Magnetics to provide you with a quality product that will exceed your expectations.


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