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For over 30 years, Huskie Tools® has led the way in the manufacturing and distribution of compression and cutting tools. They have cemented their standing atop the industry leaders by using the most innovative engineering techniques available. The team of experts at Huskie Tools® is constantly refining their products to ensure that they are the most efficient tools on the market. This innovative spirit, coupled with a priority on customer service, guarantees that when you deal with Huskie Tools®, your expectations will be exceeded.

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Huskie Tools® Products

Huskie Tools® has an array of wire rope cutters to meet your needs. The Huskie RoboCut® battery powered cutters (REC-S520, REC-S524) are some of the most innovative cutters on the market. These lightweight, portable hand tools can easily cut through even the toughest steel. RoboCut® tools are ideal because they are both ergonomic and dependable. These high quality cutters make the rest of your cutting tools obsolete. Huskie Tools® also has a line of professional grade hydraulic hand cutters (S-16, S-20, S-32, S-40, S-55, and S-240.) Hydraulic cutters are ideal because they are lightweight, transportable, and low maintenance. They are engineered to perform under the most extreme conditions for many years. Huskie® hand held hydraulic cutters can handle anything from guy wire to underground cables.

Huskie Tools® and Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. ® is proud to be one of the top distributors of the Huskie Tools® product line. BLP® and Huskie Tools® both understand the growing importance of providing tools that emphasize technology, efficiency, and reliability. With a shared passion for quality, these two industry leaders make the ideal partners.

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